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GitHub - pfefferle/wordpress-semantic-linkbacks: More meaningfull linkbacks

This is the semantic linkback plugin. It adds more context to pingbacks. If the site linking to your site has microformats more info may come along

Thanks Matthias Pfefferle

I do wonder if theme develops could add this functionality native or just recommend an install.
It does have a mf2 parser and those are actively developed so a plugin may make more sense.

h-entry · Microformats Wiki

This is the h-entry. Each of your post templates need to have this as the most basic set up.

h-card · Microformats Wiki

If you want to build an Theme you need an h-card on the homepage. This is your business cars. People often put them in the header or the footer.

You can also use the IndieWeb plug in from David. Shanske. That uses the profile page and has an h-card widget