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How to Create Custom Post Types In WordPress - Full Tutorial

Great tutorial on making a custom post-type plug-in.

I am exploring if a custom-type plug-in would be a useful tool for Developers to help spread flair.

GitHub - pfefferle/wordpress-webmention: A Webmention plugin for WordPress

Matthias Pfefferle and David Shanske also bring us Webmentions

This makes the magic happen and can allow you to respond on your site to an other site and you can show up as a comment.

If you are a developer you should recommend people install this theme.

rel-me - IndieWeb

rel=me makes indieauth work.

Many developers may put it in the header or footer of the site.

If you use the plug in the user profile page will automatically add rel=me links.

GitHub - dshanske/wordpress-indieauth: IndieAuth for WordPress

This is the indieauth plug-in. It allows you to use your domain to sign in to other domains if you have a rel=me link.

Commits · dshanske/twentysixteen-indieweb · GitHub

This the chnage log from when David Shanske forked the 2016 theme.

It may help   developers

Micropub — WordPress Plugins

This plugin is an open API that will let you publish to WordPress with third party clients Ryan Barret

Since the plugn accesses an API you should include a recommendation with your theme that people download and activate the theme.

If you install the plugin a link to install micropub is included.


IndieWeb — WordPress Plugins

This is the IndieWeb plugin as a theme developer if you include an h-card natively and a rel=me link you may not need to encourage people to use this plugin.

However it converts the profile page to include the rel=me and has an h-card widget. If you don't want to add that just include the plug-in with your theme.